Monday, December 19, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

I love this time of year, although it must be said the winter of  2010/2011 was a trying time here on the border between England and Wales. It started snowing in December in a way it hadn't done for decades. That was lovely for the village children, but not so brilliant for commuters. We were completely snowed in for ten days, and nobody could go anywhere. Then a tractor blazed a trail through from the main road half a mile away, and we were able to get the cars out. We managed to deliver all the Christmas presents and cards to relatives on the other side of the Severn, but it started snowing again as we started for home, and we only just got back before the lanes were blocked again! That was the last time anyone left our part of the village for another couple of weeks. 
It's a good job we all get on well as a family.  A family of writers in a house with plenty of chimney corners is a lovely combination. The snow made it really romantic, too. Once or twice my husband and I tried a moonlit walk, but with temperatures down to 12 below freezing, we didn't get much further than the field gate. Hot chocolate in front of the fire tasted even better than usual after that but we were all very glad when the thaw finally set in!
We've already had a few snow showers this month, but now the schools have broken up and DD is home from university, I've stopped worrying. The weather can do what it likes. We've got plenty of supplies of everything, including writing paper and printer cartridges. Where we live it's safer not to try and travel when the weather's bad, so we just keep an eye on our neighbours and feed the birds.
I hope all your dreams come true this Christmas. Happy Holidays to Presents lovers everywhere, and here's to a peaceful, productive and passionate 2012 for us all!

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