Monday, March 28, 2011


Do you love to people-watch? I do. I’m  drawn to observing people virtually everywhere. In cafes, in restaurants, in airport lounges…


 In the lobbies of elegant hotels.


I was waiting to meet someone in such a lobby a while ago.


Either I was early or she was late. It didn’t matter because I was content to pass the time watching the world go by. The lobby was filled with sophisticated, fascinating-to-watch New Yorkers.


One man, of all the rest, caught my eye.

 He was the perfect alpha hero. Well-dressed. Well-groomed. Totally gorgeous in that way only truly masculine guys can ever achieve. 

He kept watching the entry, his expression intent. Each time a woman stepped through the door, his eyes narrowed. Then he’d frown, look away from her and check his watch.


And I thought, he’s waiting for a particular woman.

And I thought, he’s irritated because she’s late.

And then I thought, in the way of writers everywhere…..

What if he’s never met her before? What if he’s not sure of how he’ll identify her? What if he needs her for some vital purpose?

What if, what if, what if?


And so my April release, NOT FOR SALE, was born.


HE is raw masculinity in a well-tailored suit.

SHE is a woman who wears thrift-shop finds.


HE is incredibly rich.

SHE lives on a scholarship and earns what she can, translating.


HE is powerful, arrogant, and totally self-assured in New York’s most sophisticated settings.

SHE is a small-town girl, a graduate student at home only in academia.


NEITHER is looking for passion.


WHY WOULD HE, when whatever woman he desires is his for the taking?

WHY WOULD SHE, when her sole interest is in getting her degree?


But FATE will bring them together.


HE needs a translator for the evening, one good-looking enough to pass as his lover.


SHE needs the job. She’s wary, she’s definitely NOT FOR SALE, but it’s just a few hours of translating and smiling, and she’ll not only get paid, she’ll get a decent meal.


That she ends up in his bed, that they all but set fire to the night, is unplanned.


But it’s okay. They’ll never see each other again.


At least, that’s what LUCAS VIEIRA and CAROLINE HAMILTON think.


Oh, how wrong they are!

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Treasures beyond price in The Devil's Heart

Dear Readers:

My fifth book from Harlequin Presents hits the shelves tomorrow! I'm so excited to be able to share this story with you. First, a little bit about the book:

A diamond, and a deal with the devil…

Francesca D’Oro was just eighteen when darkly sexy Marcos Navarre swept her up the aisle—then fled before the ink on the marriage licence had dried. Marcos might have given Francesca a jewel for her finger, but he stole another: the Devil’s Heart—a dazzling yellow diamond he believed belonged to his family…

Years later Francesca, no longer so youthfully na├»ve, is determined to reclaim the precious gem! But she’s forgotten that Marcos lives up to the treasure’s name—and dealing with the devil is always dangerous!

While there is indeed a rare diamond at the heart of this story, it's the other treasures that are truly priceless. Marcos Navarre is a scarred man, both literally and figuratively. He had a hard childhood on the streets of Buenos Aires, and then an even harder time once he got tangled up with a guerrilla army as a young man.

But he's escaped that life and built himself into something good and decent. What he lacks, however, is the ability to love.

Or so he thinks.

Enter Francesca d'Oro, a woman he knew when she was younger and more naive. Francesca has demons of her own to fight. Her life is not the privileged existence it once was, and the blind love she'd once felt for Marcos is now gone.

In fact, she hates Marcos for what he did to her. And she's determined to get even with him.

But of course nothing is as it seems, and plans go awry.

Marcos and Francesca learn they have the key to treasures beyond price if they can just get past all the pain and hurt of their pasts and learn to forge a life together. It's not an easy ride, but I do hope it's an unforgettable one.

RT Book Reviews said, "Lots of conflict, hot love scenes and a satisfying ending make this an entertaining read." I hope you'll agree!

You can read more about The Devil's Heart, including an excerpt, here. While you should be able to find the book on your store shelves tomorrow, it's already shipping from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, and the Book Depository. And it will be available for your Kindle or Nook on April 1st -- though you can download now from eHarlequin!

I hope you'll let me know what you think! Happy reading. :)

One commenter will win an autographed copy of The Devil's Heart and a set of my Romance Novel Trading cards that I'm taking to the RT Book Lovers Convention in 2 weeks! Just tell me what your favorite gemstone is and why. ;)


We have a winner! Thanks so much everyone for posting! The winner of the book and trading cards is Laney. Laney, please send me your address at lynn AT lynnrayeharris DOT com.

And now, because I've enjoyed talking with you all, EVERYONE wins a set of romance novel trading cards! (I'll toss in some bookmarks and postcards too.) Send me your info and I'll get everything into the mail. :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March 2011 Releases

Katrakis's Sweet Prize by Caitlin Crews

Notorious Nikos Katrakis was looking for a new woman to bed when, out of the blue, heiress Tristanne Barbery offered herself to him. Could satisfaction and revenge really be that easy to obtain?

Tristanne knew better than to play games with a man of such devastatingly lethal charisma as Nikos. But, though she had a good idea of the kind of sacrifice she was offering, she had no choice.

To Nikos's surprise, Tristanne was not the weak, biddable good-time girl he'd expected…and soon his plans for vengeance came crumbling down around him!

Visit for more information.

The Undoing of De Luca by Kate Hewitt

In theory, Ellery Dunant is the last woman you'd expect to find on world-renowned playboy Larenz de Luca's to-bed list. Ellery has met Larenz's type before. There's no way a stallion like him would be interested in a plain-Jane housekeeper like her….

So why does Larenz find himself risking his cool and dropping his guard to spend the night with her?

Just one night…but for Larenz it doesn't turn out to be enough. Is his unworldly housekeeper going to be his undoing?

Visit for more information.