Monday, March 28, 2011


Do you love to people-watch? I do. I’m  drawn to observing people virtually everywhere. In cafes, in restaurants, in airport lounges…


 In the lobbies of elegant hotels.


I was waiting to meet someone in such a lobby a while ago.


Either I was early or she was late. It didn’t matter because I was content to pass the time watching the world go by. The lobby was filled with sophisticated, fascinating-to-watch New Yorkers.


One man, of all the rest, caught my eye.

 He was the perfect alpha hero. Well-dressed. Well-groomed. Totally gorgeous in that way only truly masculine guys can ever achieve. 

He kept watching the entry, his expression intent. Each time a woman stepped through the door, his eyes narrowed. Then he’d frown, look away from her and check his watch.


And I thought, he’s waiting for a particular woman.

And I thought, he’s irritated because she’s late.

And then I thought, in the way of writers everywhere…..

What if he’s never met her before? What if he’s not sure of how he’ll identify her? What if he needs her for some vital purpose?

What if, what if, what if?


And so my April release, NOT FOR SALE, was born.


HE is raw masculinity in a well-tailored suit.

SHE is a woman who wears thrift-shop finds.


HE is incredibly rich.

SHE lives on a scholarship and earns what she can, translating.


HE is powerful, arrogant, and totally self-assured in New York’s most sophisticated settings.

SHE is a small-town girl, a graduate student at home only in academia.


NEITHER is looking for passion.


WHY WOULD HE, when whatever woman he desires is his for the taking?

WHY WOULD SHE, when her sole interest is in getting her degree?


But FATE will bring them together.


HE needs a translator for the evening, one good-looking enough to pass as his lover.


SHE needs the job. She’s wary, she’s definitely NOT FOR SALE, but it’s just a few hours of translating and smiling, and she’ll not only get paid, she’ll get a decent meal.


That she ends up in his bed, that they all but set fire to the night, is unplanned.


But it’s okay. They’ll never see each other again.


At least, that’s what LUCAS VIEIRA and CAROLINE HAMILTON think.


Oh, how wrong they are!

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