Monday, August 1, 2011

That First Romantic Kiss - Annie West

I have a new book out this month. PRINCE OF SCANDAL is a twist on the Cinderella theme. A long lost princess holds the key to inheriting a kingdom. A handsome, ruthless prince is determined to secure his birthright, and the safety of his subjects - by marrying a stranger.

Raul, my prince with a past, is determined to get his own way and can't understand why his chosen bride would object to a marriage that brings her wealth, status, security and all the luxuries of life, not to mention a handsome, charismatic prince into the bargain! But Luisa has other ideas and they don't include tying herself for life to an arrogant if gorgeous aristocrat who's far too used to getting his own way.

As I wrote I began to wonder what sort of first kiss this pair would have. Would it be a chaste salute in front of a huge congregation and the world's cameras on their wedding day? Would it be a tentative caress? Would Raul decide to seduce his bride in order to make her more amendable to his plans? Would Luisa kiss him to prove the point that there was no attraction between them and marriage would be a mistake? Romance writers can spend a lot of time mulling over a kiss. On the left is one of my favourites, from the TV adaptation of 'North and South'. That Richard Armitage definitely knows how to kiss! That kiss was so long coming, so slow in the build up, and full of delicious anticipation. Here's another sort of kiss entirely, not quite so chaste, but with definite possibilities!

In the end Raul and Luisa's first kiss happens in a gorgeous, romantic place: aboard a private boat cruising through Paris at night. Their conflicts haven't been resolved and disagreement rather than romance leads to that first kiss. Luisa takes Raul to task for his high-handed ways, telling him in no uncertain terms that he's not a man she wants to marry. She wants a man she can respect and love. A man who makes her heart race...which is when Raul decides to show her he's exactly to the man to make her heart race and more. But instead of that being a victory for him, it becomes a turning point as he realises what he feels for her is more complex that he suspected.

Raul's mouth claimed Luisa's, pressing, demanding, till on a gasp her lips parted and he took possession.
Too late he realised his mistake.
The spark of indignation that had urged him to silence her grievances flared higher. Hotter. Brighter. He tasted her and heat shimmered, molten in his blood. He delved into her sweet lush mouth and discovered something unexpected.
Something unique.

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Is there a screen kiss or a romance book one that stands out for you? Alternatively, do you have a romantic kiss story of your own you'd like to share? Even a suggestion on the perfect location for a romantic first kiss.

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Excerpt from the title: Prince of Scandal by Annie West. The excerpt is posted by arrangement with Harlequin Books SA. ISBN: 9780373130108 Copyright ©: 2011 by Annie West.