Monday, October 24, 2011

THE ICE PRINCE, the newest book in Sandra Marton's THE ORSINI SAGA

Hello, and welcome to the exciting world of the Orsini family!

I began writing about this Sicilian-American family two years ago, though the characters had been in my head longer than that.

A Mafioso Don. His seemingly-compliant wife. Their four sons who despise their father and have made their own ways in the world.

The characters came alive with breathtaking swiftness. I could see them, hear them; I could hardly wait to get them on paper.

I planned four books, one for each Orsini brother. Almost as an afterthought, I decided to include two sisters, mostly to give this powerful family some feminine counterpoint.

I had no plans for telling their stories—and no idea that neither Anna or Isabella would tolerate being overlooked! But as I told their brothers' stories, the sisters began to elbow their way in. And then you, my wonderful readers, took up their cause.

You e-mailed. You snail-mailed. You stopped me at conferences. You said you'd adored Rafaelle and Dante, Nicolo and Falco… and their sisters. You wanted to know their stories, too.

I know you'll understand when I tell you that Anna (and Izzy) were starting to tell me the same thing.

Well, I finally got the message.

The Ice Prince is Anna's story.

Anna's a tough, smart New York attorney. She's also a bundle of conflicting signals. She wears no-nonsense  business suits and killer stilettos. She has a healthy attitude about men and sex but she's not interested in love.

Prince Draco Valenti can't figure her out. The only thing he's sure of is that they're adversaries… and that he wants her more than he's ever imagined wanting a woman. How can that be? Draco is sexy; he's an incredible lover, but he's always been a man in tight control of emotions.

Until he meets Anna.

Their hot, tempestuous affair unfolds in Rome, surely one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world.

Draco has a villa on the Via Appia. He has a tough time convincing Anna to move in with him. He knows he's going to have a tougher time convincing her to live with him once they're back in the States. Anna's not into commitment. She's seen what happens to women when they let themselves fall in love with strong, powerful men.

Draco comes up with a plan he's certain will solve the problem.

Unfortunately, he neglects to share that plan with Anna.

And, just that quickly, their affair is over.  Or is it?

Can a fiercely independent woman and a man accustomed to running an empire find happiness together?

Find the answer in THE ICE PRINCE, available right now!

And when you have time, come visit me at where you'll find news about me and all my books.

Lots of love,

P.S. Isabella's story will be on sale next month. It's called THE REAL RIO D'AQUIA, and I think you'll find it equally exciting!

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