Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Family - Helen Bianchin

My last release was"Alessandro's Prize" which came out in July of this year.  Northern Italy became the setting of choice ... A little sentimentality on my part as my husband was born in the province of Treviso in northern Italy. I have to admit to admiring the culture, cuisine, fashion; gregarious temperament; above all,  famiglia - family.

Our marriage produced three children, who were aged 3, 5 and 8 years of age when I wrote my first book. Consequently they've grown up with a mother who spent a lot of time initially keying words onto a typewriter, then into a computer.   Even now, my daughter will 'phone me, sigh heavily as I answer, and offer 'you're in the zone, Mum, I'll ring back later'. She can tell just from the tone in my voice?  Really?  Even after all these years when I'd thought I'd mastered the smooth switch from writer to mother?

Perhaps I can lean back a little from the slight edge of guilt that while I was always there for them, in truth I was inevitably a little distracted by the current opus and a hero and heroine who refused to comply with my direction. Sound a little familiar?

At the moment I'm currently working on my 61st manuscript, as yet untitled, which should be completed by November.  The hero is of Greek/American heritage, the heroine third generation Russian on her mother's side, and the theme is revenge. It's sizzling nicely ...

All the best



  1. Helen, I loved your post. It really resonated with me. I am always feeling guilty about being " in the zone" when somebody needs me. It's part of the working woman syndrome. Guilt is a given.
    I love the sound of your next book. I love a good revenge story!

  2. Just back from a few weeks away and after sighing at Jane Porter's wedding pics (aren';t they gorgeous!) I'm laughing at kids sighing at mother "being in the zone". I so hear you on that, Helen, I'm so there.

    And I love kids being so clever that they know when you are deep in the book. I wish all the people who called me on the phone had the same nouse.

    Loving the sound of the latest wip!


    All best to you