Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy new year! Happy new Presents!

There's something special about this time of year - the rush of holiday festivities behind us and the new year still shiny bright and filled with promise. And this year is all the more special to me, because it sees the release of my latest title, Reckless in Paradise.
Reckless in Paradise (Harlequin Presents)

I visited the paradise that features as the setting in this story some eighteen months ago. In the depths of a southern hemisphere winter, my hubby and I spent a weekend visiting Far North Queensland. We rented a cabin right on the beach, swam in pristine sapphire waters and explored the hinterland and all its treasures.

There were waterfalls, tangled rain forests, tropical flowers and birds in bright exotic colours. There were tiny towns, colourful and vibrant and selling ripe sweet mangoes straight from the tree, while out to sea lie the spectacular coral reefs that form part of the Great Barrier Reef.

Simply stunning!

But of course, every Paradise has a catch and its hidden dangers. Here's one not-so-hidden danger we saw lurking on a slippery river bank...

In Reckless in Paradise, wedding planner, Sophie Turner, is similary struck by the beauty of the region when she arrives to state the case for her clients' wedding. Her brother, Jake, is about to marry the woman he loves and as it happens, Daniel Caruana's little sister. Sophie will do anything to make sure they get the best wedding ever, while Daniel knows it will never happen. Not on his watch.

And that's when Sophie learns that paradise comes laced with danger, and not only in the shape of a man who threatens both her equilibrium and her heart...

Romantic Times Reviews has awarded Reckless in Paradise a 4 star review - saying "Daniel Caruana has gotten rid of all of his sister Monica’s greedy suitors by paying them off, but his archenemy, Jake Fletcher, refuses the money. To make matters worse, the happy couple hires Jake’s sister Sophie as their wedding planner. Daniel refuses to forgive Jake for the car accident that killed his fiancĂ©e, but was Jake really responsible? Will Daniel realize his feelings for Sophie before it’s too late? Here’s a sweet story about letting go of the past with a thrilling ending that will make readers say, “I didn’t see that coming!”

Thanks to all those fabulous readers who've already made Reckless in Paradise a Borders Group top 10 bestseller. I hope you enjoy reading Sophie and Daniel's story along with all the other fabulous Presents reading coming your way in 2011!

Happy reading,



  1. Stunning Post thanks you for sharing it with us ! Reckless in Paradise sounds delicious and I cant wait to read it !

    All the Best

  2. Thank you Desere! Far North Queensland is such a stunning setting, it's lovely to be able to share it with you.

    Happy new year!

  3. Happy New Year Trish! I read Reckless in Paradise as His Prisoner in Paradise when it came out in the UK - but I wish I'd had those fabulous pictures to add to the fab atmosphere in the book. Not so sure about that'danger' though! I prefer the sort of 'danger' Daniel offfered!

  4. Hi Kate! And yes, I meant to mention that Reckless in Paradise was previously released in the UK and Australia as Prisoner! Thank you. I hope it's not too confusing for readers - glad you sussed it out:)

    And no, I'm not a big fan of slithering kinds of danger, especially not when they have sharp teeth!

  5. Trish, I read 'Reckless' some time ago, and as you know, found it a really intense read! Yum. Loved the setting too.

    How lucky of you to visit the location in person. Isn't tropical Queensland the best? I'm still planning to set a book of mine there some day - it's such a gorgeous setting and you evoke it so well in this book.

    Happy new year! I hope this is a year of more great stories.

  6. Sounds delicious, Trish! Will be putting this on the Kindle to take on my Caribbean cruise! :)

  7. Love the title, Trish! Also Reckless makes me want to visit tropical Queensland. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Happy new year.

  8. Trish, I've already read the book and loved it but I'll be re-reading it now I've read your blog. What a fantastic place. I'm looking at our snow and feeling jealous of that tempting blue water.....

  9. What a beautiful and romantic place! The closest I'll get any time soon is your book!

  10. Hi Trish,
    I love Far North Queensland and it is just as beautiful as your pictures show.
    No wonder you were so inspired to write such a great book. Congrats on the brilliant review.

  11. Annie, I'm so chuffed you enjoyed Reckless! FNQ is such a fabulous setting, and if you're going to be reckless, what better place?:-))

  12. Hi Lynn! Enjoy that cruise (as if you wouldn't!) And snap, I just uploaded Prince Voronov's Viirgin onto my Sony.

    Happy reading to both of us:)

  13. Hi Anne, and happy new year! You must visit tropical Queensland next time you come, truly. You would love it, I promise!

    Sarah, snow is so pretty, and I hunger for it when it's hitting the 40C summer temps here - but that cold frosty June weekend, it was blissful to escape up north and warm up under a tropical sun. Just blissful.

    Aren't we lucky we have Presents books to transport us to all these fabulous locations!

  14. Hello Julia and thanks for dropping by! Romantic? I so agree. Apparently those falls (the Millaa Millaa falls) are a popular place for wedding photos and it's easy to see why. A gorgeous spot just off the highway and yet almost deserted when we happened upon it.

    I didn't get to use those falls in Reckless, but I'm sure they'll come in handy one day:))

  15. Hi Melanie! It's so useful, isn't it, to visit a setting and soak up the atmosphere and be able to imagine your hero and heroine moving through it. And one can't help but be inspired by such scenery. But looking at the photos makes me want to go again - not that I'm anxious to see another crocodile any time soon!

  16. Actually, Trish, in addition to being a great place for being reckless, far north Queensland could be a perfect location for a writers' retreat...

  17. Ooh, Annie, I like the way you think:-))